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Sharon SimsCertified Tarot Practitioner PerthAbout Sharon Sims

Hello, my name is Sharon Sims and I am the founder of Tarot Reading Perth.

I formally studied Tarot at the School of the Sacred Arts in Perth, graduating in 2000 and have been reading professionally (under the banner of Sharon Rhiannon Sharlemagne Sims – Tarot Reading Perth) and for family and friends ever since. I have however been working with, &  connected to the cards for as long as I can remember and have been reading for people for over 30 years (long before I graduated from the School of the Sacred Arts).

Tarot is one of my greatest passions and I endeavour to ensure that after a reading with me, you walk away feeling uplifted, enlightened, inspired and empowered.

My teacher and mentor, Kim Echammaal, Principal – The School of the Sacred Arts, wrote this of me in 2005:

“As a student and graduate of the School of the Sacred Arts, Sharon-Rhiannon has shown a high aptitude in all areas of Tarot Reading and related counselling skills. I found her to be an extremely aware human being who always used her considerable skills to the benefit of those around her as well as in her professional capacity as a Tarot Reader and Healer. I have the highest praise for the work she does and in any venture she undertook, would on many levels, be an asset to all those concerned. Through her many life experiences she has accumulated much wisdom and, together with her compassionate, caring nature and her intuitive, psychic abilities, has the ability to touch the lives of others with insight and love, leading them to a greater understanding of their own soul’s journey. I highly recommend Sharon-Rhiannon as a Tarot Reader and Healer and know whomever she comes into contact with will be enriched and uplifted by the application of her many gifts and the enlightened qualities of her soul.”

High praise indeed from someone whom I hold in high regard for her awesome Tarot Reading, Teaching and Counselling skills.

I am not in the habit of telling you what you want to hear just to make you feel good, I will tell you what you need to know even if it’s not easy or pleasant. I will however ensure that even if you hear something that at first you don’t like, I will inspire and empower you, and offer you tools to assist you on your journey and to encourage you to see the blessing in the challenge. I promise you, even if this is your first time, a Tarot Reading with me will not be scary, sinister or full of doom and gloom. Tarot readings should also be fun, exciting, informative.

I believe it is my “job” to connect you to your soul, open you up to your intuition and assist you with guidance from the cards, from your higher self and from Spirit, which will always be loving, supportive and nurturing. I will plant the seeds from spirit, but it is up to you to nurture them to germination and then care for them to fruition.


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For more information or to make a booking to experience a tarot reading with Sharon Sims, call on 0410 857 876 or email me through my contact page.