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A tarot card, angel card or other type of psychic reading can provide clarity, guidance, and the answers you seek about many of life’s issues or concerns.

Readings are a way to receive the guidance you require to enable you to make better choices for your future. Future predictions are not so much a way to see the future but are more of a way to see how the present is creating the future, and gives you the opportunity to change the present to create the future you want! Readings can also guide you away from pitfalls and challenges that may be heading your way.

A reading should not tell you what to do or what not to do so much as give you the guidance and information you require with which to make your own decisions and choices for your higher good.

A reading at Tarot Reading Perth is for someone who needs some guidance on how to make positive changes in their life!

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Personal Tarot Readings

Couples Tarot Reading

Email Tarot Readings

Skype or Phone Tarot Readings

Group Bookings/Parties/Corporate Events

Tarot Tea Parties



Psychic Mediumship Readings

Integrative Readings

Angel Card Readings

Oracle Card Readings

Tea Leaf Readings

Coffee Cup Readings

Crystal Divination

Psychic Reiki

Readings for Children


 All readings offered are actually psychic readings, using other tools, cards etc


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