Complimentary Therapies

Spiritual Energy Work

Spiritual energy work is most often performed utilising the Reiki energy but a session can consist of many different modalities, connecting you to your soul and can also help to release negative attachments, both yours and others!

Kinesiology & Natural Therapies

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Creatively Divine is a “whole person” approach to Health and Wellbeing utilising Kinesiology and Natural Therapies.


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Hypnotherapy is the safe, drug free way to make changes, break habits and take control of your life.  If you are serious and want change then Creatively Divine Hypnotherapy may be able to assist you to empower yourself, even if you have tried hypnosis in the past and been unsuccessful!


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Creatively Divine Success Coaching – “Empowering you to success, health and happiness.” Coaching for all areas of your life – personal, business, spiritual.

Quit Smoking

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Are you ready to stop smoking? Have you tried and failed before, maybe even multiple times? We will assist you in this attempt, with our specialised hypnotherapy session, specifically tailored to help you break the habit.

….Reach Your Ideal Weight

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Are you ready to make positive changes in your life and get rid of unwanted kilos? Using hypnotherapy for weight loss, Perth clients are able to take the first steps to achieving their goals.