Angel Card Readings

Angel Card readings are conducted using the desired angel deck or combination of decks and connecting with the Angels. There are a number of spread options to choose from depending on your chosen time frame and preferred deck.

You can choose the deck to work with or allow the Angles to guide me to choose on your behalf.

Angel Card Readings allow you and your reader to tap into the Angelic presence in order that you be guided towards your best life. Your Angels are around you constantly whether you are aware of this or not, and they are always trying to communicate with you. An Angel Card Reading allows the Angels to connect with you so that you can accept their guidance more easily.

Angel Cards – Are a great tool to offer healing, guidance and messages from your guardian angels and the readings are very gentle messages that provide you with a comforting feeling. Angel card readings are not intended to provide you with timings or specific details of people or places, like Tarot cards can, however this is possible when combined with the readers unique gifts and connection to the Angels.

Angel Card Readings are available from Ocean Reef (Joondalup area), Butler, High Wycombe and Fremantle.

30 Minutes or 45 minutes

All readings are by appointment only.

(High Wycombe is only available on a Sunday until further notice)

Angel Card Readings Fremantle

Some of the Angel Card Decks available for readings:

Healing With The Angels – Doreen Virtue

Messages From Your Angels – Doreen Virtue

Daily Guidance From Your Angels – Doreen Virtue

Angel Reading Cards – Debbie Malone

Angels Of Atlantis

Angel Therapy – Doreen Virtue

Romance Angels – Doreen Virtue

Mary, Queen Of Angels – Doreen Virtue

Archangel Raphael Healing – Doreen Virtue

Archangel – Doreen Virtue

Saints and Angels – Doreen Virtue

Archangel Michael – Doreen Virtue

Angel Dreams – Doreen Virtue

Indigo Angels – Doreen Virtue


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