Coffee Cup Readings

Coffee Cup Readings

Coffee cup readings, especially Turkish coffee cup reading, is an ancient way of divination or fortune telling. Usually this tradition is passed down from one generation to another by grandmothers but it is something that anyone with an interest can learn.

Coffee (and tea) cup reading is known as tasseomancy or tasseography but most people know it as Coffee reading.

Coffee cup (and tea leaf) readings are a fun and interesting alternative the usual tarot card or psychic reading.

These are also fun to have in a group or party environment.


The word tasseography is rooted from the Arabic word, tassa, which means cup, combined with the Greek suffix of graph (writing). So, tasseography can loosely be interpreted as the writing in the cup.

The variation of the word tasseology has logy (the study of), and tasseomancy has mancy (divination) as the suffixes.

The origin of tasseography can be traced back to medieval Europe where fortune tellers read splatters of wax, lead, and other molten substances in their divination. The method evolved into reading patterns of coffee grounds and tea leaves after Dutch merchants introduced coffee and tea to Europe via trade routes to China.

Fortune tellers began to use these types of readings as a way of being able to tell people more about themselves, and often be able to predict the future as well. Coffee cup reading is particularly found throughout Greece, Serbia, and Turkey.

As with all types of readings, there are specific meanings attributed to certain shapes and symbols.

For tea leaf and coffee cup readings, the position that symbols and shapes appear in the cup, have specific meanings as does anything that appears on the saucer.

Meaning is attributed also to how the saucer separates from the cup. (usually only applicable to coffee readings). Your querent (client) can set an intention for the reading by placing a coin (finances, material world, physical reality) or a ring (relationships, emotions, goals) on the upturned cup.

coffee cup readings

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