Crystal Divination

Crystal Divination

Human Beings have been practicing the art of divination essentially since they were able to question the unknown, or at the very least for thousands of years :-)! Utilizing divination in any of its forms allows us to communicate with and to receive guidance from Spirit, The Universe, The Divine, Source or whatever it is you believe in.

Divinatory tools (such as crystals) are a means by which we are able to access our inner knowledge most importantly. We can also access information and guidance that may come from Spirit (Guides, Angels, Totem Animals, etc) through you or the crystals.

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The use of crystals and stones to see into the future and to determine the answers to questions has a long history within many cultures. Many methods of divination have been used over the centuries to discover answers to questions about life and the future.

Crystals vibrate with energy that many of us can see or feel. The wisdom and knowledge deep within stones can be accessed and the energy used to guide us in our daily life. When used in one of the divination methods listed below, Crystals can be used to answer questions and to help make decisions.

There are a number of ways to perform Divination with Crystals:

Crystallomancy is a form of scrying divination that utilizes crystals that are most commonly shaped into spheres or balls – yes think Crystal Ball! The crystal ball is gazed into and the images or visions that appear will provide the basis for you

Lithomancy, is the art of casting crystals and there are a number of ways to cast the crystals or stones to find answers to your queries

Dowsing or Divining with a pendulum is another form of Crystal Divination

Crystal Oracle Divination

What happens in a Crystal Divination Reading?


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