Personal Tarot Readings

Personal tarot readings are conducted using the appropriate tarot deck, other divinatory cards and employing other psychic, intuitive or mediumship skills where appropriate. The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread is used in most of my tarot readings. If you are after something different, or specific, choose from the list below and remember to mention this when you book.

Numerology is also incorporated into your tarot reading.

Personal Tarot Card Readings are available from Ocean Reef, Butler, High Wycombe and Fremantle. 

30 Minutes

45 minutes 

60 Minutes

By appointment only.


Tarot Reading Ocean Reef
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Some of the types of spreads that may be used depending upon requirements can include:

Celtic Cross – usual spread for most situations

Relationship – specifically for relationship guidance

Money – specifically for money focus

Romance – specifically for romance advice

Soul Purpose – for finding and following your soul purpose

Self Healing – information and guidance for self healing and self growth

Success – for improving chances of future success

Psychological – for insight on emotional issues

3 Card – for focusing on one particular question/issue

5 Card – for focusing on one particular question/issue

9 Card – for focusing on one particular question/issue

12 Month – for guidance on the year ahead

Spiritual Guidance – guidance from your team in spirit

Soul Activation – stimulates an awakening of your consciousness and aligns your spirit with your soul purpose

Business Planning – assistance with business planning including opportunities, direction, future growth etc

Rainbow – for an overview of your life with the additional guidance of the colours of the rainbow

New Beginnings – to use at the beginning of a new project in order to evaluate the forces at work

High Priestess –  a consultation with the mysterious and empowered Divine Feminine

5 Elements – a reading that incorporates the 5 elements and their influence in your life/issue (water, fire, metal, wood, earth)

7 Elements – a reading that incorporates the 7 elements and their influence in your life/issue ((water, fire/ministerial and cardinal, metal, wood, earth, ether/spirit)

Stuck In A Rut – why you are stuck and how to get out

Law Of Attraction –  when things just don’t seem to be going the way you wish that they would, and you’d like fresh insight

A reading with Sharon from Tarot Reading Perth is just like having your own Psychic Consultant right here in Perth!

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