Introduction to Psychometry & Pendulums

Psychometry is defined as the ability of mind to sense and perceive the information or history of an object just by touching it with hands, and sometimes touching it to the forehead.

Psychometry is a form of scrying – a psychic way of seeing something that is not visible to an ordinary physical eye. The difference between the psychometry and scrying is that psychometry accesses the information by sense of touch whereas scrying receives by crystal-gazing or by reading reflections on the surface of water.

Pendulums are often used as tools for spiritual healing and inner growth. Pendulums are defined as objects attached at the end of a string or metal chain. When suspended from a stationary position, the pendulum will swing back and forth or in a circular motion.

Pendulums promote healing with the process of Dowsing which seeks out invisible energies. This connects people to higher energies spiritually and can help locate any blocks in energy. Pendulums are used as a form of reflecting by asking questions to receive guidance, awareness, and understanding.

In this introductory workshop, we will look at the basics of working with these tools and have fun “playing” with them. You will walk away with a basic understanding of what they are, how they work and when and why you might use them.


WHERE: Butler, Ocean Reef or Fremantle – subject to attendees

WHEN: 11am – 4pm (see schedule of events for current date)

COST  $55 (includes light refreshments)

CONTACT: Sharon Sims on 0410 857 876 or email

This workshop will lead to 2 separate 1 day workshops to deepen your knowledge and application:                     Working With Pendulums                                                                                                                                              Developing Your Psychometry

Psychometry and Pendulums