Tarot Tea Parties

Tarot Tea Parties

If you are bored with the usual tupperware or nutrimetics parties then try a tarot tea party – same concept different result.


We all understand the concept of party plan, I’m sure – its been around for decades. You invite your friends over, enjoy some refreshments and listen to the party plan demonstrator expound the many benefits of her wonderful products. The demonstrator encourages your guests/friends to purchase so that you can receive as many bonuses as possible. the demonstrator also encourages your guests/friends to book a party from your party so that you receive more bonuses and your guest/friend then has the same opportunity at their party.

Simple and enjoyable enough, right?

Well, Tarot Tea Parties make the party plan concept even more simple!

No sales pressure! No party booking pressure!

Your guests can decide if they wish to receive a 15 minute reading or a 1/2hr reading – your guests are not obligated to take one or the other – the choice is theirs, so your party can be a combination of 15 minute and 30 minute readings.  And best of all, you all receive a small gift.

Tarot Tea Party Prices – 15 Minutes = $40, 1/2hr = $70  and free 15 minute reading for the hostess of a party with a minimum of 6 guests (that sit for a reading) or free 1/2hr reading for the hostess of a party with a minimum of 10 guests (that sit for a reading). Small gift for each attendee.

Tarot Tea Party