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Here at Tarot Reading Perth, we offer many different types of readings and are sure you will find something to suit your requirements.

If you are looking for insight and guidance then any psychic tool may assist you – whether it be tarot card reading, mediumship reading, palmistry, dowsing, other card readings or other psychic readings – you just need to find one that fits with you, one you feel drawn to, one that ignites your curiosity or one that you just feel comfortable with. 🙂

So, why not try something different and book in for one of the readings available at Tarot Reading Perth?

An angel card or oracle card reading is often a good place to start if you’ve never had a reading before or are a little uncertain about the Tarot Cards.

Angel Card Readings

Oracle Card Readings

Tea Leaf Readings

Coffee Cup Readings

Crystal Divination

Psychic Reiki

Readings for Children


A quick explanation on the different types of cards:

Angel Cards – Offer healing, guidance and gentle messages from your guardian angels which can provide a comforting feeling in a distressing situation. Mainly used for general guidance or daily empowerment. Can be also combined with other oracle cards or tarot cards in readings.

Oracle Cards – There are a large variety of Oracle card decks around, and are based around a variety of themes such as animals, fairies, past lives,  romance/love, ascended masters, goddesses, crystals and more, and can provide very accurate readings or be used for daily empowerment. Can be also combined with other angel cards or tarot cards in readings.

Tarot Cards – Can provide very in-depth detail to any situation and there are thousands of Tarot decks around. You can ask direct questions of the cards and get a direct answer back. With tarot cards you build up on the story and the situation with each card drawn. There are many spreads that can be used when reading the tarot cards. Can be also combined with other angel cards or oracle cards in readings.

Angel Card or Oracle Card Psychic Reading Perth

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